The Stripe Charges Robot Wars event in San Francisco

SF and Stipe’s robot battle activity

Robot Battles team building is probably the most popular team building in the San Francisco Bay Area.This December 6th robot battle team activity and Stipe No exception-people are yelling, cheering, and the whole person is full of pride and enjoyment. It is commendable that Stipe is thrown into the event like an industrial card processor, ready to welcome any new experiences that may arise.

Five teams gathered around five tables and could enjoy the view of San Francisco Bay. Numerous planes landed precisely on land, just past the end of the bay, and landed perfectly on the tarmac. Alas, this view of constant movement is not the focus. We have robots to build. In fact, at 3:08 pm, each team started to build with orderly madness, speed and urgency, hoping to build the other four teams.

The “Rhomba: We Gonna Sweep the Room” team has the upper hand among the best robot names I’ve heard, combining the actual robot names with chilling and aggressive nicknames and slogans, as well as constructing, time does not matter By 45 minutes. The other four teams followed closely, all finishing in less than 50 minutes.

The best part is almost always robot fighting. This situation is no different. All five teams are fighting fiercely. Parts are scattered, repairs are carried out, and a large number of balloons burst to score points. We also started some new things in this event, which I have never done before, an all-women round. I noticed that some builders who happened to be females played an important role in successfully building the robot. They watched happily, but didn’t bring the remote control to experience the action in person. The all-female warrior round successfully encouraged our VIP builders to join and march forward on the battle carpet!

The best part is that everyone had a very enjoyable time. Many people think this is the best team building they have ever done. This is what I often hear, and it will never go out of style. Thank you very much Stripe for inviting us to SF’s Airport Marriot to spend a wonderful afternoon full of fun and robot fighting!

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