The Robot Build Team event is back

The Robot Build Team event is back!

Robot Build Team Event won with strong on-site booking and two virtual/live hybrid events.

Sesame Credit The two-day on-site staff work meeting ended with spectacular robot construction and combat activities. Two of the three teams had an average build time of less than 45 minutes, and the third team won the battle-so it was a balanced and prosperous outing. The team in the picture won the construction competition with an impressive 41:43 time-3 minutes longer than the average construction time!

Excellent teamwork and leadership is definitely on display, because the robot has completed several battles with superb quality and only a minimal amount of repairs. Since all three teams completed multiple balloon bursts and several robot flips in the 5 rounds of approved robot battles, they scored high. I will remember the vitality of the most competitive people in this game. Really great energy and have fun with friendly people!

Congratulations to Sesame Credit Host an amazing team building event in the heart of California’s beautiful Mountain View city. Several participants mentioned that this is “the most creative and unique team building they have ever done.” We are honored to hear such news every time. As a company, providing this kind of experience is indeed our purpose!

This week includes some other exciting robot combat team activities, including Hybrid virtual/live robotic event GoogleSince outsiders have not yet been allowed to return to campus, we shipped the robot kit to Google, and I provided robot technical support and activity guidance through Google Meet. As the company transitions to some or all on-site employees and overcomes the potential barriers of inviting on-site personnel from outside the company, this solution is a creative work.

We also traveled to the southern border of Yosemite Robot War 2 Event at Tenaya Guest House. Twenty years ago, our first TeamWorx team building event was held at Tenaya Lodge. They are also our first business partners. Needless to say, this is an adventure of time travel, memory and recognition.

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