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5 reasons to be outdoors

One of the biggest benefits of working with Team Empower Hour is that whether you are indoors or outdoors, we will come to you and your venue. No matter where we hold meetings, we are always excited, but if we can, we prefer to let everyone outside enjoy the beautiful sunshine and fresh air. Here are some real benefits of being outdoors, even if only for an hour! !

Fresh air is the best

Sometimes we forget how important it is to take a deep breath of fresh air outdoors. Fresh air has many benefits, but the most important thing is that it helps clean your lungs, gives you more energy and a sharper mind, it strengthens your immune system, and most importantly-it releases those who feel good Endorphins!

Increase mental stimulation

Changing the scenery and actively mobilizing your brain will help stimulate and maintain your cognitive health. Since your brain is adapting to different surfaces, surrounding colors, and helping guide your body through our activities, you can ensure that you get enough mental stimulation throughout the day! !

Absorb vitamin D

Also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, adequate vitamin D intake has many benefits. It helps strengthen bones, improve muscle function, prevent cardiovascular disease, and also helps reduce the risk of cancer. We only need 10-15 minutes a day!

Burn more calories

It’s not that our goal is to burn calories, but it is indeed an added benefit. It turns out that when we are outdoors, we stand around less often, and our bodies face the challenge of moving in a variety of more complex ways. We abandon the routine of being used indoors, and embrace the unknown experience outside.

Increase happiness

Outdoor activities will produce a greater sense of vitality, vitality and positive thinking. And reduce confusion, anger, depression and tension. In some cases, being in nature is beneficial to your confidence and can even increase your self-esteem. Your team members win-win in team building.

So you see, our bodies crave the much-needed time in nature, and these days seem to be increasingly elusive. Any of our courses can be conducted outside, click here Find the meeting that suits you and your team!

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