The benefits of a global workforce: 5 reasons to hire overseas employees

Employees still feel great pressure to keep up with the ever-increasing workload. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have been devoting more time to complete daily tasks.

However, employees do not focus on meaningful work, but often waste precious time on ordinary administrative tasks. This mainly involves scheduling meetings, managing calendars, or creating presentations.

According to a CERB research, Executives spend nearly 65% ​​of their time on busy work, with only 1.2 hours a day focused on high-rewarding tasks.

This new reality paves the way for companies like Work Better Now (WBN). Their virtual assistant program pairs the company with well-trained and capable employees from all over the world to help them handle their busy work.

TeamBonding is one of WBN’s customers.

As David Goldstein, CEO of TeamBonding, said: “Having multiple virtual assistants allows us to do more with less, encourage managers to delegate, and learn to trust more.”

In this article, we will explain the most common benefits of the global workforce. You will also hear the sound of the virtual assistant team working hard at TeamBonding to keep the wheels turning.

What is the global workforce?

The global workforce is a network of employees from all over the world who are hired by companies to assume certain responsibilities.according to statistics, This global outsourcing industry generated 92.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2019 alone.

These employees are often referred to as “virtual assistants.” They work remotely from their home country and perform a variety of tasks-from scheduling meetings to customer service duties.

Virtual assistants can help many aspects of daily business run smoother and faster.

WBN CEO Andrew Cohen said that their virtual assistant program provides American companies with “excellent talent,” and these talents may be more challenging locally.

“The benefit is that you can reach out to great talent. We found that the Latin America region is very suitable for our customers’ needs-friendly, self-motivating, consistent time zone and similarly culturally sensitive workforce.”

5 benefits of hiring a global workforce

Any business can benefit from a global workforce, and hiring virtual assistants is now easier than ever. WBN is responsible for the recruitment, training and onboarding process. Their client got a highly capable worker who could start working immediately.

Here are five main reasons you should consider recruiting talent overseas.

Reduce operating costs

A global workforce can help you optimize operating costs. The time spent on administrative tasks such as managing the calendar is less than the time spent on developing the business. By outsourcing these time-consuming tasks to skilled workers overseas, the company can gain more time and resources in the long run.

This cost-saving benefit also applies to workers, because working from home can reduce commuting time and allow them to save on transportation costs.

For many employees at WBN, “the commute time can be very long; about 10-12% of the waking time,” Andrew Cohen said.

“Remote work can reduce time and expense.”

Andrea Velez, a virtual assistant hired by TeamBonding through WBN, explained, “Being able to live in a busy city center means I don’t have to face traffic jams or travel long distances to work.”

Diversified Talent Network

Throughout 2022, American companies will continue to work hard to cope with the phenomenon of “great resignations.” One possible solution to this continuing problem is to expand the human resource plan overseas. By doing so, you may be able to find a suitable candidate for that difficult-to-fill position more quickly.

For example, highly qualified engineers, architects, and other technical experts are in great demand in the United States, but they are hard to find. The talent pool for these positions is small, and qualified candidates are usually hired very quickly.

This does not only apply to technology companies. If your business encounters similar staffing issues, outsourcing such positions to Latin America can help you save time and resources.

So why is Latin America?

The region is rapidly emerging as one of the top centers for technology graduates.According to a Forbes The article on the talent pattern in Latin America, these countries “trained IT talents that match the level of the first world countries.”

Cultural exchange

Employees with similar backgrounds often have similar views and ideas. The lack of diversity slows down the company’s development and stifles innovation. Having a global workforce can form a more diverse talent network within your organization.

International employees can also gain valuable knowledge and experience working for American companies. This provides them with a unique opportunity to expand their skills, learn new technologies and discover a new way of doing business.

Claudia Restrepo, a virtual assistant from Colombia, said that she chose to work in an American company because it allowed her “because of a different work culture to gain more experience from working in another country.”

David Goldstein of TeamBonding felt the same way. He explained that he likes to expose local teams to a world different from them.

“As a company that provides events to a global audience, especially during remote work, it’s great to have employees who reflect the culture and values ​​of our customers. We are part of a global network with many Spanish-speaking members. I’m very happy that we Someone on the team speaks their language.”

Higher employee satisfaction

International employees working for American companies show higher levels of satisfaction. Although higher salaries are certainly a key driver, remote employees overseas also benefit from a healthier work-life balance.

Virtual assistant Carol Varon explained: “Remote work is great because I save commuting time and I can spend more time with my family and friends.”

Joselinne Guardado, a virtual assistant from Venezuela, also holds the same view. She pointed out that some of her favorite benefits of working remotely are “you can wear slippers all day without wearing high heels for meetings”.

increase productivity

Companies like WBN help companies stay productive, organized, and focus on work that produces measurable results. According to WBN, business owners spend approximately 400 hours a year on daily office tasks.This is 400 hours Can invest in product development, strategy or customer acquisition.

WBN’s Andrew Cohen said: “We did what everyone thought was impossible-to help someone get more time in a day.”

Hiring virtual assistants to help with management tasks is just one way to use their skills and knowledge. Andrew said that some of their customers continue to have WBN assistants in operational roles, such as customer support, marketing, and project management.

In a world where speed, innovation, and agility are paramount, you need to use all possible advantages to increase productivity. Although taking care of administrative office work is essential to ensure smooth business operations, this work does not generate real income.

If you want to explore all the benefits of a global workforce, Visit the Work Better Now website And arrange consultation. Use the code TEAMBOND to get a discounted price.

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