Is team building really effective-team empowerment time

“I have a group of very successful CEOs. I don’t know if they will “buy” your team building meeting, please help!”

I keep getting this from worrying event planners and HR directors because they tell me they have done this kind of thing before and their executives hate it. what to do? My response is this:

Team building participation is the key

Usually when people walk in the door, their arms are crossed and no one is really talking. I saw some rolling eyes, they looked like I was going to torture them to utter boredom. I took a deep breath and dedicated every bit of Olympic spirit I have to them. My expectation is to relax your masculinity and have some fun. Once we talk about what it means to be an Olympian, or stand in front of the gate of 2.3 billion people, what it feels like to start to change people’s attitudes. Inspiration began to emerge. Then when we participated in the event, they found that these were real practices, and we were once the best in the world. Then their purchases began to become real. Smiles slowly form, I feel like a group, which may actually be fun and brings me closer to my colleagues! More stories, more activities, and soon everyone is fully committed and does not want to go home.

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