Halloween season team building activities

The scariest moment of the year is coming, which means it’s time to start planning team fun!

For your team, Halloween is an excellent opportunity to get together and strengthen connections in person, virtually or a combination of the two.

Here are some of our top team building activities that your team will love during Halloween:

1. Pumpkin carving (Face to face | virtual)

Open up some time Be creative with your team. Everyone in your team will receive their own engraving kit. Get ready to laugh with your master, the master pumpkin carver, although Everyone has created their own pumpkin lantern.

2. Great Team Building Pumpkin Race (personally)

Your team will receive Easy to assemble Kit which one Include Everything is needededit put up phosphoruspumpkin rMaster vehicleSecond. DEcological and carved pumpkinsAs you prepare for the competition, fulfill your wishes.

3. Murder mystery (Face to face | virtual)

Momentum suddenly appears—the clue will be discovered—and then—the murder will happen. The team will question the suspect to get a chance to solve the case. So, who has committed such a terrible crime? This is when the fun really begins.

4. Team drawing (Face-to-face | mixed | virtual)

Choose from a wide range of professional art galleries or incorporate your own themes. Each team member will receive a premium art box with everything you need.

5. Haunted house virtual room

As the team races to be the first to escape the haunted house, solve clues and complete challenges. The team must work together, lead each other, solve clues, and escape all 6 rooms in the house.

6. Holmes (Virtual)

Remove the dust from the feathered python and become the femme fatale you have always wanted to be, or grab the deer hunter and the pipe and see things through the eyes of the master detective! The team will be divided into several groups and must work together to compete to crack codes, complete challenges and solve mysteries.

7. Around the (virtual) campfire

Enjoy live music, interactive ghost stories from local legends, customized trivia, and fun competitions with your team. The best part is-each participant will get their own Artisan S’mores Kit.

8. Enterprise CSI-VR (Face to face | virtual)

Join our elite CSI unit! The team will interrogate suspects, compare fingerprints, read forensic reports, and enter our state-of-the-art virtual crime scene to find clues.

9. Escape from the mob (Face-to-face | mixed | virtual)

Prove your innocence and escape the mob. Look back at the steps of the night before, create an alibi, and finally retrieve the stolen diamond so you can continue fighting on another day.

Whatever your needs this Halloween season, TeamBonding can help you create an unforgettable team experience. Want to customize an event or theme to meet specific needs? We have provided you with protection. Contact us to start, we will discuss together for your team PUMPKIN.

Happy howl!🦇

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