coinbase high-level robot war-TeamWorx

coinbase high-level robot war

The king of encryption, Currency base, Re-convene high-level Robot combat team building event. On the 20th floor of a beautiful high-rise building, a few blocks away from the SF Stock Exchange, the center of financial operations, after dark, 8 teams of 5-6 people each build robots and compete for about 2 hours. They are both winners. Both teams became more winners by building robots faster in one case, and won the most robot battles in the second case.

Team 5 “Dogecoin“Winning the third team”Dot dancer“Because of the fierce and intimidating construction competition of 40 minutes and 32 seconds (40 minutes and 32 seconds). The average construction time of the 5 teams was 45 minutes.

We quickly gathered in the battle area, starting with three combat robots in a melee, and then slowly increasing to 8 robots fighting at the same time. The battle is like this, mainly super destructive, the climax of our 8 robots has roller coaster-like fluctuations in how many functional robots can perform in any round. Alas, we had 5 rounds of fully recognized robot battles, in which team 3 became the clear champion among the champions!

3 teams”Dot dancer“Is an early and frequent adopter of the robot flip technology needed for a decisive victory. Pop-up balloons will generate 1 point for each balloon, and robots will generate 3 points for each flip; a better ratio than the three-point happy NBA!

Coinbase made it so easy to buy and manage cryptocurrencies, and it left me the deepest impression. 3:00 pm is a vague concept of encryption, and 6:00 pm is a well-defined stock market that can be easily traded and purchased. Using their app, I was inspired to enter an exciting new investment field and manage it from my mobile phone.

Thank you very much coinbase for inviting them to their downtown headquarters, a group of lively and enthusiastic pioneering partners, and an overall great experience.

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