Attract and retain millennials in the workplace

Millennials are now the biggest generation labor force, but is known to be the hardest to retain. They crave more gig work, career/life flexibility, challenging work environments, and continuous advancement in their careers.

The environment for today’s employers is often either not flexible enough or challenging enough to retain millennials, so companies are forced to re-examine how they approach this new type of workforce.

Those who are reluctant to adjust their employment strategies may alienate their millennial employees because they don’t have a grasp of what really motivates them – their strong values, built-in confidence and independence.

Love them or hate them, you should strive to align your goals and priorities with those of your millennial workforce. Here’s a helpful list of what you can do to attract and retain millennials.

Create a positive work environment

Trying to engage millennials in their work can be a challenge, but all is not lost. One way to engage millennials in the workplace is through team-building exercises.

team building activities Great for breaking down barriers and creating an environment where employees can feel they have more freedom at work.

To effectively retain millennials, create a positive work environment that fosters teamwork, inclusivity, and provides ample room for growth and development, while also challenging employees to be their best.

Encourage collaboration, innovation, and creative thinking by offering small incentives like gift cards or team building activities as a way to retain your team.

These types of team building exercises allow employees to spend time together outside of the workplace, fostering relationships with one another, and increasing the likelihood of millennial retention.

Provide flexibility

Millennials will shape the business world for decades to come, and you can bet your next paycheck on their push for flexible hours.

This group crave flexibility and independence at work. They prefer a schedule that works for them rather than a schedule that works for the business. For example, remote work and flexible working hours allow employees to decide when is the best time to work; whether it’s early morning, late at night, or a specific time of day. Demonstrating flexibility can help you retain younger employees.

In addition, they are mobile and love change; they are not afraid to take on overseas assignments or move to different departments within the company once a year. The most successful businesses understand this need for flexibility and are willing to provide that flexibility to keep new talent engaged.

This generation is also known for being restless. They seek new challenges and want to continually develop their skills. This means that work is only a part of their lives, not a major part of previous generations.

Provide growth opportunities

Millennials want more than a career salary. They want an environment that rewards hard work and initiative. They want to work with people they respect on a professional and personal level, and they don’t just want to be friends in the office — they want to work in teams.

Businesses retain millennials best when they offer ongoing training. They want to learn new skills and improve themselves while working. Offer to pay them to attend conferences, seminars or courses that will help them develop professionally. Provide online training programs that employees can access anytime on their own time.

The ability to grow in a company is important to retain millennials. Startups are particularly attractive because of their flexibility—employees can hold multiple roles, take ownership of projects, and even move up the ranks faster than larger companies.

Because startups typically don’t offer many perks, they need to provide growth opportunities, not retain millennials. This generation will walk If they don’t feel like their position is growing or their career is not progressing.

Treat employees like people

Treat your employees like adults. When you do, they respect you and deliver. Trust your employees and give them the opportunity to prove themselves. Give them a chance to be held accountable for their actions – but hold them accountable if they don’t deliver as promised.

Millennials have a strong desire to prove themselves and succeed on their own merits, so give them the opportunity to do so by giving them the ability to manage tasks and take charge of certain projects. Let them work independently instead of assigning them tasks beyond their control.

Millennial employees are shaping the future of the workplace and are actively preparing for leadership roles. They want to be involved in designing and defining the vision, culture and direction of the organization. They want to be respected and treated equally by everyone, not just the CEO.

This could be your opportunity to create a more democratic workforce that respects others, instilling respect from the top down rather than the bottom up.

Focus on effective leadership, not workplace politics

Staying away from gossip and office politics is important for all generations, but it’s critical for millennials who value workplace transparency and honesty. When managers become involved in office drama or spread rumors about their employees, they often question their managers’ trustworthiness and view them as dishonest and unreliable — two qualities that create a toxic environment in which no one wants to work.

Millennials hate office politics – they love doing business ethically and have no tolerance for anything.

They are a generation that enjoys working with leaders with vision and purpose. They respect leaders who show them a vision, give them opportunities to learn and grow, provide regular feedback, and are positive.

Millennials are the face of the future, but it’s no secret that they’re hard to keep. Their generation is very different from any generation before them and is not afraid to change the status quo.

With their technical expertise, they have the skills to dramatically change the workplace, and many businesses today have taken notice.

Companies that retain younger generations and work with them to create an environment in which they feel engaged will thrive. Companies that don’t will soon find themselves looking outside.

If your workforce is largely made up of millennials, give them a chance to expand their skills, practice effective communication, and unleash some energy with fun team-building activities.

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