Ascend Palo Alto Robot War

Palo Alto robots fighting Ascend

Palo Alto Robot Battles team building Shengteng Produced an impressive build time of 31:10 (31 minutes and 10 seconds); Good enough, 31st time!

Ascend allows customers to seamlessly integrate a full range of data and analysis engineering with the ingestion, transformation, orchestration, and observability supported by DataAwareTM value automation. This level of high integration is clearly visible in all teams. The team in the picture can shorten the build time while defeating other teams by more than 5 minutes.

In any case, the second-ranked team ended the game with extraordinary results, but still had to hear our champion’s bragging-this is of course well-deserved! Congratulations to both Ascend teams for their outstanding performance.

View all times within 37:00 minutes here

The venue is opposite Stanford University, and the nearby buildings exude wisdom and success, making us all sharper and more competitive. It is a shopping mall with more than 30 unique shops, restaurants and art galleries, as well as well-known coffee and food brands. We meet at the center of rational argument-today’s contradiction and an oasis of hope. Feeling better as soon as I walked in.

After a fierce meeting, the people of Ascend jumped on to the construction of the robot and had enough time to complete several rounds of fascinating fierce battles. Some people missed the build while providing real-time customer service for VIP customers, but luckily they were able to take part in some battles and end their day in robot battles! When multiple robots are injured and unable to operate due to battle, the battle is over-alas-this time is full of fun and good times!

The fierce ending of the last-second robot flip is the perfect ending for a magical afternoon to build and fight against the robots together! Thank you Ascend-we will see you in Robot Battles 2 again!

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