A good template for team meetings

If you are a smart leader, you will understand the importance of communication.

The quality of your communication determines the success of your team.

That’s why we meet—whether remotely or face-to-face, every day or every week, every team needs to share and discuss ideas that can push people forward together.

The problem is that many team meeting agenda templates are terrible.

But the best teams hold productive meetings.

A productive team meeting will Always accomplish two things:

1. It reinforces team goals, normative connections and values.

2. It invites dialogue and inspires a commitment to action.

If you are looking for a meeting template that can’t go wrong and can provide your team with a structure to share important information, then you have come to the right place.

After decades of working with teams in different industries, I have prepared a downloadable Sample team meeting template You can follow to make sure your employees don’t suffer from what should be email…

You can modify this Editable word document of team meeting For your organization-I encourage you to ensure that every meeting from now on includes all of the following:

1. Tell people the time and place of the meeting!

Only invite people who need to know or share information at the meeting. And let them know as early as possible so that they can be prepared and be there.

2. Review your team Mission statement with Team norms To ensure clarity

You need to constantly remind your team (at every opportunity) why they are there and how they will interact to ensure they stay focused.

3. Share the main reason why you met

If there is no reason to meet, then don’t meet. Be sure to set expectations about what their attendance and contribution will accomplish.

4. Including relationship building activities

Team contact determines team productivity.There are several Team building statistics Show the impact of interpersonal relationships and spend 5-10 minutes for everyone to answer a question Dialogue card problem Trust and empathy will be built.

5. Include a celebration to encourage behaviors you want to repeat

this The values ​​you said are important For your organization, it is only defined by behaviors that can be observed and displayed. What has happened recently, can you emphasize one of the values ​​or celebrate moving closer to a common goal?

6. Browse your meeting agenda and invite dialogue

This is the core of your meeting, where you can complete daily or weekly projects that must be resolved in order to serve your clients and colleagues. The most important part of this section is to make sure that everyone contributes in some way… solicit the opinions of all participants and make them feel valued.

7. Be clear about the time of the next meeting and who will do what when

Each meeting should end with promises and action items to be completed, and then email or remind the group of the agreed content and the time for the next meeting…

—— —— —— —— ——

These seven things should be part of any team meeting template you might use.

Obviously, the meeting template I shared does not include some team requirements and industry-specific needs…but you are welcome to modify it to meet your needs as a leader!

I hope you will incorporate each of these things into your future meetings to help build a more active and productive team culture for your employees.

If you are looking for other useful ideas to lead your team more effectively-and transform your team into a high-performance team-you may want to consider joining mine Fast teamwork master class. This is an online courseCombine with personal coaches to help you create an excellent team culture in a step-by-step system (This conference template is part of Module 4.3-there are seven modules and 26 courses!).

Let me know how the team meeting template works for you –

If I can be a resource for your team, please send me a note!

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