9/11- National Service Day-Impact 4 Good

As we all know, in times of disaster, tragedy or loss, human instinct, especially for Americans, has always been to take action. They unite around their compatriots, pick up the pieces and reassemble them, even if some are broken or broken. Although this comes at a price, it is really remarkable to be able to witness this. When you are engaged in corporate social responsibility work, there is no shortage of gatherings to witness good people giving back to the community. Our beneficiary partners who have worked with us for more than 16 years have been a shining example of what it means to extend a helping hand.

We always like to emphasize the work of these beneficiaries, but when we meet 20day 9/11 anniversary, Impact 4 Good would like to take the time to thank one person in particular. Tunnel to Towers (T2T) Foundation was founded by the Siller family. Before this, Stephen Siller was a brother, son, husband, father and firefighter of Brooklyn First Squad. He was killed in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Stephen was getting off work, on the way to a round of golf with his brothers, when he heard the call of the plane crashing into the North Tower. He drove to the entrance of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and found it was closed, carrying his 60 pounds of equipment on his back, and ran to Lower Manhattan to the Twin Towers, where he would make the ultimate sacrifice for his compatriots.

Tunnel to Towers was established in December 2001 and has raised $250 million to support active military personnel, disabled veterans, their families, and first responders. They have more than 500,000 people participating in more than 70 national running, walking or climbing activities. They set up a mobile exhibition to help educate today’s youth and keep the memory of the dead. They inspire their fellow Americans to contribute to these plans to change the lives of emergency personnel and military personnel in our country. Every year, they organize a running event across the country (including the battery tunnel) to commemorate Stephen by running or walking the last step.

September 11, 2016day It was declared a National Day of Service by President Obama. Especially on this day, take a moment to think about the services you provide or contribute to those around you. This is a true testament to the character of a person who voluntarily puts his life in danger and makes the ultimate sacrifice for a complete stranger. They are heroes. Similarly, in the past year, during the COVID-19 pandemic, our first responders have gathered around those in need. They are heroes themselves, and they rush to disaster while others are running away.

Not only in times of disaster, you also have the opportunity to be like Stephen and the people who dedicate themselves and perform their services every day.Some people, your neighbors, need help in your community, and there are organizations like Tunnel to Towers that can help you Make There is a difference.Maybe we are not destined Yes Hero or live A life of service, but the heroic actions and services to our community come in various forms and scales.let US Do our part to never forget and be more like Stephen.

https://t2t.org/ — Please consider donating to commemorate 20day 9/11 anniversary tunnel to tower, or register their tunnel to tower 5K running/walking one this month

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