8 Halloween team building ideas to add fun to your company party

Halloween is no longer just for candy…
It is for team building!

Let your team have something to do!It is always considerate to give people enough time to think Party plan! Therefore, start planning early and figure out what types of activities your team can focus on. It can be games, competitions or humorous things!

Whether to create your own Gingerbread house, Carved pumpkin, or Pumpkin racing, You want maximum team participation Promote Their Halloween spirit! After confirming the details, please send a text or email invitation to get the number of people.here has Halloween team building ideas Your team will like:

1. Halloween gingerbread house

Let your team participate in our festival Halloween gingerbread set The structure is strong enough to support a lot of candies, and most importantly, it is edible!

2. Virtual pumpkin carving

Spend time with your team Virtual pumpkin carving, As a new option for live Halloween parties, your team can now receive a home-delivered carving kit. Get ready to have a laugh with your host, master pumpkin carver and the lively Halloween office.

3. Pumpkin competition

do it yourself Pumpkin racing And get excited about the most interesting and unusual Halloween team building ideas your team has ever experienced! Let your imagination play in the design and decoration. Who will become the championship?

4. Creepy snacks🦇

Are you talking about pumpkin cookies? This is one thing.
The idea of ​​this Halloween team building is as simple as providing a lot of creepy snacks and candy platters.You have all the themed recipes you might need Taste. You can even host a Halloween food contest!
See more smart ideas here.

5. Halloween decoration

Nothing speaks of Halloween better than holiday decorations.
Don’t forget to decorate your office with rich pumpkins!

Top decorations you can’t forget:

• pumpkin
• Ghost
• bat
• Spider web
• Tombstone

Pro tip: the more light, the better!
(The possibilities of flameless candles are endless!)

6. Haunted House

Does your team have enough courage to try virtual Escape the haunted house? This Halloween team building idea is one of our favorites. Compete with each other, solve mysterious clues and complete lively photo challenges at the same time, and become the first person to escape the virtual haunted house.

7. Smash the pumpkin

Ok, we know this is not normal Halloween The idea of ​​team building, but who doesn’t like to vent it? The workday can be exhausting, so what better way to relax than catapult pumpkins and watch them explode.Our Halloween version Catalyst for success You will definitely give your team a day they will remember.

8. Solve the case

There is nothing more creepy than testing the detective skills of your team. Solve a murder mystery and see if your team is capable of finding the murderer.in our Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner, In the killer company, there was a murder in your company, and only your team can solve it. Or, try a virtual crime scene investigation. Your team is an elite CSI unit responsible for collating evidence to find out who committed the crime, how they committed the crime, and why. Interrogate suspects, compare fingerprints, read forensic reports, and then enter our state-of-the-art virtual crime scene to find clues. Isn’t it scary?

No matter what you plan in the end, these Halloween team building ideas will surely make your team full of energy! So turn on the music, add some PUNCH to your fists, and let the party begin!For more ideas, please click here!

Happy Halloween!

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