10 ways to celebrate Halloween on a budget at work

10 ways to celebrate Halloween on a budget at work

Halloween is the most exciting time of the year. After all, who doesn’t like sweets and wearing funny or scary costumes?

A Halloween party in the office is also a great way to get everyone together and have fun. Celebrating holidays as a team also helps build team relationships and increase communication between employees. However, it is not necessarily very expensive. You can make your team spend a very interesting day with a small budget.

Are you ready to be scared?

Halloween is not complete without costumes, candy or pumpkin carvings. Fortunately, a Halloween party with a limited budget can have all of these and more.

These activities and ideas are the perfect way to relax and socialize while staying within the themes and budget. Some of these activities can even be used for virtual Halloween parties!

Check out these ten budget-friendly ideas to celebrate Halloween in a stylish way:

1. One-Minute Story: Ghost Edition

Everyone likes a good story, but storytelling is a skill that few people have.Put your colleagues to the test in this exciting project Team playground Activity.

The rules of the game are simple-each player has 1 minute to tell the best story using the given scene and three terms. This virtual game is the perfect way to bring your remote team together during Halloween.

May the best story win!

2. Office decoration team

Decoration is one of the most interesting parts of Halloween. To build excitement before your office Halloween party, take a break the day before and decorate the office together. Make it a public event and let people bring the Halloween decorations they already own.

This will set the tone for the Halloween celebration, allowing employees to reuse their Halloween decorations, making office decoration an economical and fun team building activity.

3. Strange Trivia

this Team playground The Halloween event brings joy and laughter as well as healthy competition. Whether you answer individually or as a team, there is only one goal-to win.

Well, well, maybe more than just a goal. You also want to have fun. Fortunately, with some creepy trivia, you can do both.

That’s not all; you can also use any of our categories to create online trivia events Almost anything will happen Trivia game. Whether you want the theme to be Halloween, a horror movie or a ghost character, we can completely customize your team trivia experience.

4. DIY Costume Contest

Ah yes, Halloween costumes—probably the most polarizing things you will wear throughout the year. Every Halloween, people splurge on costumes to stand out. You can change it.

Encourage your team to make clothing using items they already have at home. There is no pressure to squander, your team will thank you for it. More importantly, the resulting clothing is definitely unique, which will be a great display of creativity. Win-win!

5. Taboo words

Add friendly and competitive elements to your Halloween party and stimulate the creativity of your team TeamPlayground Silence activities. The purpose of the game is simple. Guess and get the highest score without being buzzed by words that are banned or that we dare to say are banned.

6. Trick or Treat

No tricks or hospitality, this is hardly Halloween. Fortunately, you can bring both to the office.

Let everyone’s desk be a resting place for all the trick-or-treating people in the office. Or, if you are part of a virtual work environment, you can ask everyone to mail a snack bag to another employee they choose at random. No matter which direction you choose, this is the perfect way to eat sweets and chat with everyone.

7. Guess the movie: Halloween version

Who doesn’t like a good movie? From action-filled science fiction to romantic comedies, there is always a movie for everyone.This Halloween, use this to bring out everyone’s movie fans Team playground Activity. When your colleague is racing against time, ask the team to find the name of the movie based on the graphic description.

8. Pumpkin carving competition

A sort of Pumpkin Carving Competition It is an interesting activity that will bring your employees together for a round of face-to-face participation, contact and dialogue.

You can also enhance your creativity by awarding awards for the best pumpkins in many categories, such as the scariest or most creative pumpkins.

Don’t let those pumpkin seeds go to waste after carving the pumpkin! Provide each employee with a roasted pumpkin seed recipe card so that they can make delicious holiday dishes in the office or at home.

Carved pumpkin

9. Online Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween scavenger hunt is a fun virtual game Team playground Activities that can help your team members connect with each other.

Your team will work with competitors to solve a series of tasks to complete the online treasure hunt.

In this exciting team event, you will get the thrill of soaring adrenaline!

10. Eating Pie Contest

There are two guarantees in life. First of all, the pie makes everyone happy. Secondly, the only thing better than pie is that it is a lot.

This Halloween, make your office celebration special and host a pie-eating contest. Whether you are buying pies and bringing them to the office, or sending your team’s pies making kit so that they can compete at home, this economical activity is sure to make people laugh!

Enter the Holy Spirit!

Halloween events can be customized and adjusted to meet various needs. Regardless of your budget, if your team is remote, face-to-face, or somewhere in between, you can still celebrate and enjoy your vacation.

If you are looking for some additional Halloween team building activities, check out TeamBonding’s most popular Halloween event 2021!

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